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We didn't even plan on having a "feedback" page, but after  we received these actual unsolicited e-mails and Facebook posts, we knew these just HAD to be shared!

"Your drummer is the next John Bonham"...Tony Orlando

A comment from a FaceBook post
after our April 9th show at Liquid Johnnys:

Great show last night at Liquid Johnys. I have paid hefty covers for bands with half of your talent. All of you guys are such talented musicians.

Comment  on our 'Cold Shot' YouTube Video
(see Video Clips page on this website):

:O :O :O :O The voice :O is like Stevie. YOu are the best band tribut to SRV

Received after our February 27th, 2010 show at Club Velvet:

From a "Facebook" post:

This show rocked! Look out world-here comes the next Stevie Ray Vaughan. You guys are amazing. Need an agent?

From  e-mail:

OMG! Your band is awesome.
Thanks for the invitation.  I had a lot of fun listening to you guys play. 
I look forward to hearing you again in a couple of weeks.

You played a perfect fit of music for the crowd down there.  I was really impressed by the SRV, if my eyes weren’t open I would swear I was listening to the real band.

 I can't say enough, as a group, you all compliment each other sooo well. Drews got the powerful voice, yours sounds great with his, Johns endless energy, and Kyles Mastery. Its a great connection, and I am really really happy, excited, and proud of you guys!!!

ps, Your choice of material is so perfect for you guys too, and is all the stuff that can entertain young to old with all genres of of taste.....

I had a lot of fun.  You guys really can play!  I thought you had a very good sound,  definitely fit that bluesy rock niche, but the one thing I found appealing was that no one really overpowered the other.  You all had a good equalized sound, you could hear your singer good, hear the drums, base, and of course Kyle on the guitar.  He was awesome!!!! 




  E-mails received after our February 12th, 2010 show at Magellans on Main:

You guys REALLY blew my mind!!! You played solidly as a unit, and Kyle....WOW.....just keeps getting better and better!! Excellent mix of guys can actually play anywhere and be enjoyed by anyone!!

I couldn't believe Drew sang Led Zepplin...And Very Good Too!!!!!!!!!! I really believe individually you guys are all great musicians, but the actual fit together is magical....I love you and Kyle, but  Drew and John are such impressive pieces to your group...I am just really really happy for you guys...sorry if I'm gloating, but I cant say enough as to how much you have impressed me....

The above are  actual "cut and pastes" from e-mails and Facebook posts!

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