Serious Trouble 
                                   Outstanding Blues Rock, Classic Rock, & More!

Kyle    /     Guitar

Serious Trouble really is a guitar oriented band. It really starts with the youngest member of the band.  Kyle plays guitar WAY (WAY) beyond his years.  Kyle is considered one of the area's best guitarists including by other guitarists!

Sure, lots of guitarists can play a 'million' notes per minute, and so can Kyle. But not all play with the same feel and depth that Kyle can. With influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughan (whom many say he sounds EXACTLY like), Albert King, B.B. King, (o.k. and Billy Joe Armstrong), when Kyle plays fast and furious,  those 'million' notes have a purpose that sounds outstanding to those who hear him play live.

Kyle definitely (and rightly) steals the show, you'll see why ( and how) when you see him play live. 

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